The newest, easiest way to run your hauling business

Loadz™ is an all in one Aggregate Hauling Suite that offers E-Ticketing, Automatic Invoicing, Fuel Logs,Truck Pre-Trip and Post Trip Inspections, Revenue Statements, Dispatching, & a lot more.


The All-In-One Aggregate Hauling Platform

Loadz™ is the new cross platform software designed specifically for the aggregate hauling industry. Loadz™ is designed to be all inclusive, meaning it has all the features necessary to run a successful and seamless hauling operation. Loadz™ is easy-to-use and functional for haulers running solo or coupled with large fleets. Built by people who know the diverse job scenarios and billing adaptations specifically catering to the hauling industry. We understand what matters most when you’re out there hauling aggregate resources – Loadz™  is here!

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    Key Features

    Web Portal

    With our Loadz™ Web Portal you can log in to your web based account and see the status of every job, invoice or load currently being worked on. This is perfect for when you are away from your personal device and still need access to your business data. Never again guess what’s going on with any one specific project again! Your whole operation is visible to you in real-time at all times.

    E-Ticketing and proof of delivery

    Loadz™ Electronic Ticketing is the most user-friendly way to get your load signed and submitted for billings! Now you can lose all those pesky hours spent collecting, organizing and looking through old or lost tickets, because with Loadz™ it’s as easy as 1–2–3. Sign, Submit, Get Paid!

    Cloud Service

    With Loadz™ Cloud Service and E-Ticketing software you can rid yourself of stacks of paper invoices and save all your digital data securely while ensuring that information never gets lost. Our cloud based platform also gives owners the freedom to access their company’s data at any given time – even while out on vacation!

    Truck Trailer Inspections

    Your drivers can now perform pre-trip and post trip inspections right from their mobile device. As a fleet owner you have access to activate mandatory inspections prior to haulers opening job tickets. All inspection data is stored in your admin user interface for future reference.

    Employee / Contractor Compensation Reports

    Loadz™ takes care of contractor and employee pay easily and efficiently! With Loadz™, you can generate comprehensive compensation reports with just a click of a button, saving you Loadz™ of time in the process. Plus, with our simple, userfriendly interface you can pay your employees automatically, 1-click and your done! Make the process of paying your employees an easy task with Loadz™!

    Fuel Logs

    The Loadz™ fuel log feature is the most comprehensive way for drivers and fleet owners to keep track of each individual truck’s fuel consumption. Loadz™ Fuel Logs is  designed with an algorithm that monitors fuel use which will instantly send alerts when abnormal fuel consumption is detected, giving you swift and first-hand insight into where deficiencies are detected on each individual truck and therefore offer you a better opportunity to be proactive and improve your fuel efficiency.

    Time Clock

    The Loadz™ Time Clock Feature makes it easier than ever to be compliant with state and federal wage and hour laws. The daily/weekly timesheets allow employees the opportunity to clock in or out and also view their weekly commission / compensation report as well – all while clocking in and out with a precision accurate clock every day!


    Looking for a convenient way to manage your invoices? Loadz is the perfect solution! With automated invoice delivery plus the added ability to accept online payments, you can easily and quickly take care of all of your ticketing & invoicing needs.


    Our goal is simple: to provide modern solutions that improve your processes around aggregate hauling. We're not just an e-ticket company. Loadz’s features are designed to simplify your hauling operation and scale with your business needs.

    1.The cost and responsibility of maintaining a fleet's IT systems is no longer your problem with Loadz™. Our cloud-based architecture allows you to access data from anywhere at any time without worrying about the hassle or expense involved in setting up complex networks – it just works!

    2.Both your in-house drivers and sub-contractors will benefit from a secure, role based system that allow them access for faster tracking of cargo with easier ticket management and therefore eliminate those pesky hours sorting, organizing, looking through, and collecting conventional tickets.

    3.Its easy to use! Our app is developed to make it a breeze for any driver or operator to use.

    YES! We know that in the aggregate hauling business some remote areas like quarries and oil field sites location may have poor service or no service.   Loadz™ is designed to continue working even when offline. A local database on your device will back up all data that occurs while in offline mode and it's automatically synced with the Loadz™ cloud platform once Internet service has been restored, so there is no need to worry about losing any tickets or important operational data an internet connection interruption.

    Absolutely.  Loadz™ will allow a unique assigned commission rate for each individual driver or subcontractor on your fleet.  Drivers will can also view in real-time how their commission pay grows after each delivered load.

    YES.  Loadz™ timeclock feature, when enabled by an account admin, allows for each driver to clock in at the start of their day, when they go on break, and when they clocked out for the day. Time clock feature can also be used in combination with the commission-based pay structure.  This is a great tool for companies that prefer to pay commissions-based wages and still satisfy federal wage and hour regulations.

    Yes! Loadz™ is secured with Amazon Web Services, which employs a comprehensive set of security and technology procedures to safeguard all your user data and provide excellent resilience against external attacks. Your data will always be encrypted, secure, and accessible with 2FA (Multi-Factor Authentication).

    The Sky is the limit! Loadz™ is based on a highly scalable Amazon AWS that can handle the largest of clients. Our system was created from the bottom up to accommodate operations of all sizes, including big hauling corporations with multiple locations, roles, and projects. Our versatile system can be tailored to fit the demands of almost any business in our industry. Furthermore, it is done without the need for extra third-party modules or complicated synchronization software to combine data from various databases and systems. Simply put, Loadz™ is designed to allow you to expand as your company does.

    Yes. Loadz™ is designed to work fluently with both IOS and Android devices.  We also have a web-based portal for administrators to view real-time data.

    Yes. Loadz™ supports a wide range of accounting and ERP systems. Furthermore, our REST API and built-in file-based integration solutions allow us to connect with almost any other system, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you're unsure whether we can link yours.